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"Stockade Rampart"   9x12 pastel
"Ft. Meade Foothills"  9x18 pastel
"October's Been Disrobed" 16x8pastel
Silver City Snow  5x7 oil
"Season's Quiet Change"  4x4 oil
"Stillness"    4x4 oil
"Spearfish Creek Afternoon"   9x12 o
"Spring Field"   9x12 oil
"Summer Rush"  9x12 oil
"Roughlock Study"  6x8 pastel
"Below Montgomery"  8x8  pastel
"South Park Neighbors"   6x12 pastel
Montgomery Falls Rapid
"To the Cabin for Christmas"  4x4 oi
"Sagebrush Study"  6x8 oil
"Near O'Neil Pass"  4x4 oil
"Thinking Spring"  5x7 pastel
"Quiet Journey"   4x4 oil
"Sand Creek Afternoon"  9x12 pastel
"Richland County Spring"  12x16
"Winter Treasurer"   4x4 oil
"Almost Home"   6x6 oil
"Cast Upon the Waters"  9x12 oil
"County Passage"  8x10 oil
"Stream in Spring"  6x8 pastel
"Pines on the Hill"   8x10 oil
"Evening-Lake O' The Pines"  oil
"Old Kinsey Road"  2x3 pastel
"Sundown on the Powder" 2x3 pastel
"The Colors"  2x3 pastel
"In the Swan"   2x3 pastel
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