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"Clark's Fork Pool"    9x12 pastel
"Rosebud Outlet"   16x12 pastel
"Spring Thunder"    20x16 pastel
"Fault Line"   12x18 pastel
"Trail By The River"    12x12 pastel
"East of Livingston"   24x12 pastel
"Before the Float"   12x6  pastel
"Black Fox Sketch"   9x12 pastel
"Joyous Day - Quiet Evening"  12x12
"Road's Open"   9x12 pastel
"Right of Way"   12x12 pastel
"Jet Streams Above"  24x20 oil
"Montana Trace"   12x9 oil
"Battle Creek Hay Meadow"   8x16 oil
"Spring Creek Thaw"   6x6 oil
"Field By The Powder River"   30x9 o
"Open Water Winter"   12x9 oil
"Powder Field Study"   5x12 oil
"Almost to Cloud 9"   9x12 pastel
"Above the Falls"   12x6 pastel
"Flying Down I-90"   24x18 oil
"Going West"   15x30 oil
"Edge of the Trout Pond"
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